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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Four become six

So how did we get from four cats to six?
There is just something about sharing your home with cats. They all have different personalities and the more you have the more chance that one of them is up for a cuddle.  Well that's my excuse anyway!

In February 2012 I had one of my urges to add to our family again. As three of our cats were quite young, we decided to go for an older one this time.  There are so many adult cats in shelters through no fault of their own. Sure some are not as cute and fluffy as kittens, but they can be just as playful with the added bonus that you don't need to kitten proof your home. Many just crave a knee and a bit of love.

Strangely this was the first time I'd realised there was a cat shelter in Sheffield.  I feel quite embarrassed about that now! We arrived and filled out our adoption form.  We then met 3 cats who had come to the shelter when their 'Mum' had to go into a home. Poor lady, I can't imagine how she must have felt having to give them up. Two were around 10 years old and another was 14.

We stayed in the room for a while, seeing how they interacted with each other. There's never any guarantee, but its definitely worth taking that extra time. In the end we made our choice and 10 year old Harry came home with us.

He'd had most of his teeth removed but that didn't stop him eating. He was sick a lot during his first few days, but eventually this settled.
He is like a big teddy bear, sweet natured and loves a cuddle. He spends the majority of his time sleeping in various locations. He is still a foodie, always to be found at your side when you are preparing meat for the family meal. Equally just as interested in the cooked version, if you let him, he'd be on your plate.
His easy going nature meant that he soon settled into our family.

By September of the same year I was at it again. This time I visited the RSPCA in Sheffield. Here cats all have their own area's so its difficult to know how they would interact with others. I asked for advice on which cats would be best suited to joining my 'tribe'.

In the end it came down to a choice of two. One little tortie fluff ball, not yet a year old or a 5 year old pretty tabby. We spent time with each of them. I liked them both, but there was no mistaking the cuteness factor of the little tortie. Staff mentioned that they couldn't understand why no one ever looked at the tabby as she was such a sweetie.  This was the decision maker for us. We knew the young tortie would easily be adopted, and so a week later Rosie came home.

Rosie had been abandoned in a box with her kittens. Also in the box was an older kitten with babies of her own. It took a while for the other cats to accept her, especially Abbie who always makes weird kung foo noises until she's fully comfortable.

Princess Bella checks out the competition

For a while she kept herself to herself but eventually a very playful side was revealed. She likes to play with toys and loves playing chase with Abbie. It really is great fun to watch them chase each other, there's no malice at all.

New best friends, Abbie and Rosie
Rosie and Harry often share similar ideas...

dinner for two??
Well, you can't help but find them funny even when they're naughty :)

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