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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday at the shelter 31-03-13

I was very thankful to have Libby with me again this week. I seem to be suffering from some bug or 'man flu' type problem. Energy levels have been at rock bottom this weekend. Still, we made it to the shelter as usual.

We met some new residents in holding this week. Only Fi was still in there from previous visits.
The cheekiest chappie of all is Aragon. He hates being confined to quarters and makes people aware of this with his bizarre behaviour. He talks constantly in between chewing his litter tray and bathing in his water bowl!

Aragon after his 'bath'

Once we'd finished the entire room, we let him back out into the main area. His behaviour completely changes and he shows us what a lovely friendly fluff ball he is. Here he is using me as a cat perch while I clean up his messy paw prints!

Emma has her hands full again. One of the new mums stopped producing milk after just five days, which means these little cuties now need to be hand reared.

5 new babies

Mum had a trip to the vets today as she'd not wee'd or poo'd for 3 days. Fortunately, the vets managed to get her to 'go' and she was able to return to the shelter. It seems like it could be the stress of not being able to feed her babies that has had an impact on her health. To prevent further problems mum and babies will now be kept apart.

It was lovely to see Cookie out in one of the main rooms. He is still very nervous but seemed far happier in his surroundings, when you consider how he was last week.


I was also pleased to meet Paul, who helped to bring Cookie into the shelter. Paul is one of a number of people who take time to care for the feral cats of Sheffield.

You can follow them on Facebook, Friends of ferals. They provide shelters and food for many ferals. In fact Paul was off to take a shelter out this afternoon. He told me they are still trying to capture Cookies sibling but as he's wise to being trapped not even tasty chicken can tempt him.  I've no doubt they will keep trying.

If you want know how you can help The Sheffield Cats Shelter have a look at the donate & support page.

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  1. Aw it's lovely to see Cookie, I'm Maggie (Auntie Moggie on Friends of Ferals) and go trapping with Paul, star man. I've tried for 8 hours today to trap Biscuit, Cookie's bruds, without success, but we're changing our times tomorrow, going out at night instead. There are now 5 living in the abandoned car, last week there were just two! It's not even a nice car, no windows, and freeeeeeezing. There are literally thousands of ferals on the streets of Sheffield, overspills from the steel works. Cookie is just one of the lucky ones to find a rescue place in the wonderful Sheffield Cats Shelter. The shelter have taken in so many cats in crisis so far this year, bless them for what they do. x