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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunday at the Shelter 21-04-13

There were a number of new residents at the Shelter this week.

The first was a week old kitten, who is now called Elsie.
She was rescued from a desperate situation, with a malnourished Mum, she was the only surviving kitten.  Elsie is now being hand reared along with the older kittens Emma is caring for. Out of the original 5 only 3 kittens remain, hopefully these will continue to thrive.

Libby and I worked in holding again and this was the sight greeting us at the door.

Fortunately for these two little sweeties, they are already pre-adopted so it won't be long before they are in their new home.

Katie is a lovely little girl.  Her owner has sadly passed away and Katie finds herself at the Shelter. 


She enjoyed a cuddle with me and I'm confident someone will want to take her home in the near future.

While we were in the room another cat was brought in.  This one, called Baby, is not looking at her best at the moment. 

Her owner had also died and it was a few days before this was discovered.  She has a poorly eye and is not in the best condition.   She was obviously disorientated, but was willing to have a little stroke.  At least now she will receive the medical attention she needs to get better.

Maternity is still busy, one Mum was off to the Vets and the kittens went with her.

And the final kitten is a real cutie, one of Kits babies (I've mentioned Kit before) 

Kit's baby
With all these kittens around it was nice to hear that some of the older residents were adopted this weekend.  Fingers crossed there will be plenty more this week.

My foster family are all back to full health and I'll update you later this week :)

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