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There is always something going on in a multi-cat household. Erm 9... cats and counting...... Plus stories from the Sheffield Cats Shelter

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Meet my 'Tribe'

George - Domestic Short hair - Black

Adopted Dec 2005 estimated year of birth 2002 
Distinguishing features:- Not enough toes and a curly tail
Temperament: loving but nervous
Likes: sleeping under the bed covers inbetween Mum & Dad
Dislikes: The hoover, the hairdryer, carrier bags and basically anything that makes a noise!

Billy - Domestic Short Hair - Black

Came to live with us: May 2011 born early 2011
Billy (The Naughty Kitten)
Distinguishing features:- Big pointy ears and THUMBS!!!
Temperament: Naughty but nice
Likes: Food, playing chase and catching birds
Dislikes:being chased by Bella

Bella - Domestic Short hair - Black & White

Adopted December 2011 born early 2010
Princess Bella
Distinguishing features:- Pretty girlie with a saggy tummy
Temperament: A fussy, but loving, princess who will not lower herself to use a catflap
Likes: Purring loudly, sitting on your knee when on the toilet and tummy rubs
Dislikes: being picked up - unless you're in the bathroom...oh and catflaps

Abbie - Domestic Short hair - Black

Adopted December 2011 born early 2010

Distinguishing features:- Tiny little girl with bright orange eyes
Temperament: Super sweetie and very playful
Likes: Purring loudly, cuddles, playtime and sitting on high places
Dislikes: Any new cat when they first arrive

Harry - Domestic not quite so short hair - Black

Adopted February 2012 - Estimated year of birth 2002


Distinguishing features:- Droopy mouth (no teeth) fluffy, big face
Temperament: Super sweetie always sleepy
Likes: Begging for food, being sick, upside down baby cuddles and playtime
Dislikes: Fur balls, having his ears cleaned and taking tablets
Other: Suffering from kidney problems and on a renal diet

Rosie - Domestic Tabby - Short Hair

Adopted September 2012 - Estimated year of birth 2007

Distinguishing features:- Big doorstop shaped bottom, white chest
Temperament: Confident, loving, with a mind of her own
Likes: Doing her own thing, playing chase, snuggling down for a snooze
Dislikes: Having her head stroked, using the catflap 

Bertie - Domestic Short Hair - Black & White

Adopted January 2013 - Estimated year of birth 2008
Distinguishing features:- HUGE feet, loads of claws and toes, Father was a shire horse
Temperament: A sweetie one moment and chasing Billy the next...Maybe a Gemini?
Likes: Begging for raw meat, cat food and being stroked
Dislikes: Sudden movements, being picked up and any cat treat known to man...  

Millie - Shorthair - Tortie/Brindle

Fostered from 5 weeks - March 2013
adopted May 2013
Distinguishing features:- Small little girl with a rat tail and sadly now only one eye
Temperament: Cheeky little monkey, fast as lightening!
Likes: Cuddles, Billy. climbing curtains, shouting, pens, paper, bags....
Dislikes: Being put to bed and not being allowed to explore the full house

Willow - Longhair - Tortie/Brindle

Fostered from 5 weeks - March 2013
adopted May 2013

Distinguishing features:-Fluffy with a stripe down her nose and tufts in her ears
Temperament: Independent but loving little miss
Likes: Playing with her favourite knitted glove and chasing her sister
Dislikes: Being put to bed and not being allowed to explore the full house



  1. All of you babies look so sweet and cute. I wish I could adopt you all.

    1. Thank you they are like my children!!