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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday at the shelter 07-04-13

A new Mum and babies had already been dropped off before we got to the shelter today. It turned out it was just the start for Emma, Judith and Leanne as there were 5 more kittens needing to be collected.

First things first though, there were hungry mouths to feed, Emma's latest batch of hand rears.

Their Mum,  Jude, is now doing much better away from her 5 babies and the kittens are thriving too.  Emma and Judith took turns in giving the kittens milk.  They are very strong little ones and they are certainly hungry :)

Judith feeding one of the kittens

Today, Libby cleaned room 1 and I went upstairs to do room 4.  Room 4 currently has a number of older cats.  Joe found my mop a great source of entertainment. 

Joe v mop

He also enjoyed a cuddle when I'd finished my jobs. :)  Despite being  8 he's a very lively boy who loves cuddles and playing.

Joe having a cuddle

Aragorn was in his element today. He's been moved out of holding into a room on his own. While we were there he also had a bit of time in the garden and had fun rolling around.

Cookie was reunited with his brother Biscuit, thanks to Friends of ferals. Unfortunately, it's been discovered that they both have chlamydia in their eyes and are now in isolation.  The condition is treatable, but may take a couple of weeks to clear.  In the meantime staff will need to be especially cautious as this is a highly contagious infection. Hopefully, it won't be too long before I am able to get a look at Biscuit and take some new photo's

If you've recently visited the Shelter's facebook page, you'll have seen the sad story of Max.  He's a very lucky chap now happily bunking down with Emma's cats. A member of the public saw a group of boys with 3 kittens. Worried for their safety she offered to take them. The boys refused but the lady saw them throw one kitten over a neighbours fence. She was able to rescue it and called the shelter. You really can't begin to understand how anyone could want to harm these innocent creatures.:( Everyone was worried about what could have happened to the other 2 kittens as the boys had left with them and we all thought we would never find out.  But then it seems fate decided to lend a hand.

Emma left to go to a Vet's surgery who'd called to say they had 5 kittens that needed collecting.  2 were estimated at 5 weeks old and 3 at around 7 or 8 weeks.

It turned out that the 5 week old kittens were the brothers to Max.  Another lady had seen the boys throw the first kitten and had taken the remaining two off them.  She looked for the third kitten but couldn't find it, unaware that it had been safely retrieved.  What a brave lady! Not everyone would have been confident enough to take the kittens from them. 

Rescued brothers

The other 3 were abandoned outside the Vets premises.  They will all be treated for flea's and worms before going to their foster homes. 

Emma is taking Max's brothers and the Manager, Kim was busy making room for the other 3.  There are no 9-5 jobs here!

As always, if you want to help, have a look at the Donate & Support page :)

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