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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sunday at the Shelter 14-03-13

Volunteering didn't go to plan this week as my foster family hadn't been well.

Mum and all 3 babies were due their first vaccinations on Friday.  Unfortunately, the girls started being unwell on Thursday, with vomiting, diarrhoea and a reluctance to eat.  We also noticed that Mum Wendy, had a swollen and sore looking nipple.  It seemed that our scheduled Vet visit would definitely be needed but not for jabs.

As I thought, the Vet only wanted to vaccinate William as he had remained in good health.  Wendy had an antibiotic injection with a course of tablets for 5 days.  Willow and Whisper both had antibiotic and vitamin injections plus I was given some special food to try and tempt them to eat.

Whilst they've been unwell I've been using a small syringe to try and keep up their fluid intake. The Vet advised me that if there was no improvement or a worsening of their condition I would need to bring them back the following day.

Poorly Whisper hiding herself away

For the remainder of Friday I kept on giving water and trying to encourage them to eat.  In the evening Willow started to projectile vomit even water, she wouldn't eat and her diarrhoea continued.  Despite this, she did continue to play and was reasonably hydrated so whilst I was concerned I was comfortable to leave the Vet until the following day.  Whisper ate a small amount but not enough.

Willow looking after her sister

On Saturday neither of them ate breakfast and they were both quiet.  I checked with the Cat Shelter and made an appointment for the Vet again. On the way Willow was sick in the carrier.  This time they were given an anti sickness injection.  In addition, Whisper was starting to become dehydrated and needed to have fluids injected directly under the skin.  Not a nice experience for her, but a necessary evil I'm afraid.  I was advised to make an appointment there and then to return on Sunday.

Later that day, once the anti sickness medication had started to work, Whisper began to eat again.  Willow, needed quite a bit of encouragement, but did eventually have some.

So on Sunday I was a little stuck with my volunteering duties as I had a Vet visit right in the middle.  I dropped Libby off around 9:45 and did some trays until 10:30 before I left to come home for the kittens.

Just a small amount of trays to go back into the rooms

As you can see all the trays are colour coded and are refilled with a newspaper lining and a small amount of litter.  These will then be taken to be used in the various rooms around the shelter.

Willow was the one needing extra fluids this time, but the Vet was very pleased with Whispers progress.  Both kittens had another antibiotic injection, but on the whole they seemed to be on the mend.

Back at the Shelter, I did manage to get a shot of one of the most recent hand reared kittens.  Unfortunately one of the little tabbies fell ill and didn't make it, so that leaves one tabby, one black and two ginger.

Libby cleaned out room 3 which contained the 3 month old kittens of Dexter and Cindy (see previous blog entry) They are two shy little ones who soon got used to Libby once she'd been in the room for a while.

It was windy on Sunday so they were watching things blowing in the wind!

Chloe and Carlos

All the abandoned kittens from last week are now happily settled in foster homes.

Libby also took a few other photo's while she was waiting for me to pick her up.

Frosty has a cuddle
Fi is out of holding and much happier
Bruno is a big softy
So apologies for the delayed post this week.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed!


  1. Baby looks so sad, she must be grieving for her owner. I hope she's feeling better now. It's an awful upheaval when someone dies and Baby was so lucky to have been brought in to you.

    1. Thankfully it wasn't long before that special person came and took Baby home. They adore her and she's settled in well