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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday at the Shelter 10-03-13

Well it was a snowy start to Mothers Day here in Sheffield.  Fortunately, there wasn't enough of the white stuff to prevent me getting to The Sheffield Cats Shelter.

I arrived with a golf bag in tow, courtesy of my Dad, another contribution to the yard sale which will take place next Saturday.  Libby and I have our names down to help out on this day too.  The cleaning will need to be completed earlier so that all the jobs are out of the way ready for the sale to start at 11am.

Libby wasn't well today, so I washed trays with Alex, another volunteer, who is a student at Sheffield Uni.  Once the trays were finished I was off to take care of Holding.  I'd just got started when Emma told me she was about to feed the kittens she's been hand rearing.  More importantly, they now have names!!  George, Grace and Gabrielle.  I have my own George at home, so I very much approve of this :)

Looking much bigger now

Much more mobile!

Look at those ears!
As the three G's were in the Maternity section, I also took a moment to check out Kit.  Kit is a beautiful girl, she has just given birth this week to four kittens.

Kits new babies :)
For some reason Kit is still a little unsettled, she is also looking a bit swollen around her tummy.  Usually a new Mum will curl up with her kittens, but Kit is definitely not doing this.  Emma is worried that maybe not all the kittens have been born.  If Kit doesn't settle, she'll be having a visit to the vets tomorrow for a check up.  I really hope she's going to be ok as she's a lovely cat.

Kit loves a fuss
Kit joins two other Mums who are currently nursing their babies in Maternity.

Finally I helped out a little when Cindy was brought out of Holding and re-united in one of the main rooms, with her previous mate Dexter.
These two beautiful cats were abandoned in a cardboard box with two of their kittens.  The kittens are now with a foster parent until they are old enough to come back to the shelter for adoption.

I can never understand why people can be so cruel.  I spent a while in the room with them and they both adore attention, I know they will soon find a new and loving home.  They certainly deserve it.


Dexter rolling around :)
So, don't forget, if you're local to Sheffield, get down to the Shelter on Saturday 16th March from 11am.  The first yard sale of the year will help to raise the vital funds needed to help all these beautiful animals.

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