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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday at the shelter 17-03-13

Actually the title of this weeks post is misleading as we joined other volunteers on Saturday too this weekend.

It was the first yard sale of the year and the big kitchen needed to be turned into a cafe by 11am. Everyone helped with the cleaning  to get the shelter ship shape before the deadline.

The yard sales are just one of the ways the shelter raises much needed funds. Not only do they sell donated items, but also some wonderful cakes and savoury treats. Between me, my Daughter and my Mum we sampled quite a few. All homemade, all delicious.

Saturday also saw the 100th adoption for this year :)

When I bought an extra large carrier (with Bertie in mind), from the sale, I had no idea how soon I would need it. But more about that later......

Today we slipped into our practised routine cleaning holding. While we waited for the compartments to dry we spent extra time with the occupants. A few of them were in need of extra cuddles and we were happy to oblige. There is always something satisfying about getting a frightened animal to trust you.

Here's Garfield, definitely not one of the scared ones, he's very vocal!  About 10 months old he's a very handsome chap.

Garfield loves being high up
Molly has now been moved out of holding into a room on her own. She's such a lovely girl, a real fuss pot and was very playful.

Molly is such a pretty petite little girl :)
Playing with Elizabeth's shoe laces

Kit, the new mum in my last post, is still not quite right and has been to the vets again. It's not yet clear what's going on with her. It could be nothing or maybe an infection in her womb. The staff will be keeping a close eye on her to see if the antibiotics given by the vet do the trick.

No post would be complete without a little look at George, Grace or Gabrielle. Here's George (I think!) before foster mum Emma has had chance to clean their faces!

They are very active now and run to Emma as soon as they see her. It's a very cute wobbly run but they move faster than you give them credit for!!

And finally to my big news of the weekend....I am very proud to tell you I brought home a Mum and her kittens today. I will be fostering them until they are ready to go back to the shelter and find forever homes.
Mum, Wendy is only 9 months old  herself. Her three kittens, William, Whisper and Willow are 5 weeks old. I guess buying the big carrier yesterday was fate.  It's an ideal size to carry home and Mum and babies.
Mum Wendy with Whisper, and Willow in background

They are super cute and its very funny to watch them play. They can't mix with my cats so I have a large cage in one of my bedrooms and the bedroom door has to be kept closed. When we go in and spend time with them we open the cage and they can have a wander around the room.

Willow when she was still at the Shelter

I've already worked out a number of things I need to sort out for them! I think this is going to be a learning curve for me, but what could be more rewarding?

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