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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday at the shelter 7-7-13

Wow its been a hot one today! At the shelter every window was open (mesh screens prevent escapes). Despite this maternity was still in need of air so a fan was brought in to help.

We also had a fan in the kitchen which links maternity and holding. Even with that, I was close to melting in there.  In holding the air flow was a little better thanks to the large window.

As its been a couple of weeks since I was last at the Shelter all the residents were new to me.
I started with Salam, an unwanted pet. He was brought into the shelter with another younger male, Freddie.

Salam is a sweet little boy who is looking pretty unhappy at the moment.

Not surprising when you look closer. The fur on his back is thin at best and bald at worst. His under side is even worse. I'm told that he had such a bad flea infestation, that they could easily be seen on him.  Sad, very sad, but also very easy to prevent :(

Salam was quite apprehensive to start, but did let me have a stoke and then a cuddle. I do like to try and spend a little time with all the cats, but I always make extra time for the shy, scared or unhappy ones.  I like to give them a fuss if possible.

If they can cope with a cuddle we look out of the window together. Anyone overhearing would think me a little weird as I ask the cat if he or she can see the doggy or hear birdies! 

Salam after a little fuss
Next to come out was this little lady. 

Ellie having a look for those birdies!
A lovely playful little girl, she was quite happy to have a cuddle and a fuss.

The next chap was brought in as a stray.  Apart from the unhappy look on his face, he does look clean and reasonably well fed.

Nev looking a little worried!
Although nervous, he did allow me to have a stroke and also a cuddle.  We tried to look out of the window together, but he was more interested in burying his nose into the crook of my arm.  I think he'll start to come round as soon as he realises he's in a safe place.

Next up was a treat for me.  I've never actually met a Maine Coon in the 'fur'.  Still, a treat for me is bad news for the cat.  Millie is 10 and has been brought to the shelter by her owner who can now no longer afford to keep her.

She was very uncertain of her surroundings, understandably, but did respond to the opportunity of a fuss.  Millie has so much fur, but if she was feeling the heat, it wasn't obvious.

Freddie came in with Salam.  Condition wise he is in much better shape, but he's not happy, really not happy.  He hissed at me through the bars and the staff haven't been able to complete his basic checks yet either.

I did manage a slight touch, but when I tried for a second he gave me a warning lash.  I tested him out with my dustpan and brush to the side of his bed.  He lashed out again and started to get stressed.  It was obvious that if I kept pushing, he would get more and more stressed.  To do this would be counter productive and not fair on him.

Freddies body language tells me all I need to know!
I let Judith know that I wasn't able to clean his section.  She is going to try and spend some time in the room with his door open to see if he will come out to her on his own terms.

More often than not cats like this change dramatically once they get used to their surroundings and I'm sure Freddie will be no exception.

Last out was Tootsie.  She gets her name from the extra toes!  Like my Billy she has thumbs on the front and additional toes on the back.  Tootsie is currently suffering from bad eyes, but it won't be long before she's better.
Tootsies poorly eyes
She's a lovely affectionate little girl.  Have a look at those toes!!

She's got thumbs!
Finally here is Crystal.  She's a real character.  In the mornings you will generally find her playing in the yard.  She's been at Shelter for some time now.  Unfortunately, by visiting time Crystal is usually asleep and has no interest in meeting prospective parents!

Crystal in the yard
The Shelter staff make sure their lunch caters for them and Crystal as she is always very interested in what's on offer!

So that's it for today. If you're in the area on the 20th July the next yard sale is due to start at 11.00am and, as I've said before, its worth a visit just for the cakes!!!


  1. WHat lovely and lucky cats. This heat is getting a bit murderous. We've been putting large bowls of ice in front and behind of the fans to try and cool the air a bit when the fans just seem to be pushing the hotness around. It seems to work a little.

    Poor Freddie, he's such a handsome lad, hope he chills out a bit soon.

    1. Thanks for the tip I'm trying that now with my kittens. I know the shelter staff will do everything they can to make Freddie feel more at ease

  2. PS: Love the name of your blog!

  3. It does look like a marvellous facility for cats. I'd heard of the shelter before, way back, but had no idea it was such an old organisation.

    Thank you for your kind comment about our Oliver :)