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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday at the shelter 21-07-13

Despite today being pretty overcast and definitely cooler, the temperature in some of the cage rooms was still uncomfortable. As a way to try and keep Holding cooler, newspapers had been taped to the window. 

Open window with newspaper taped on

Unfortunately Shamus in particular, was very vocal, complaining to me about the loss of his view. There really is no pleasing some cats! :)  I did manage to hold him up so he could peer through the gaps though.

Holding residents are almost the same as last week.  We have Tootsie, Ellie, Grace, Shamus, Shadow and of course Crystal in the garden.  Shadow was very nervous last week and it was lovely to let her out today and be greeted with lots of leg rubs. She also let me gently lift her back into her little house, once I'd got it all clean and tidy.  There is little chance of any of these guys moving into the main cat rooms as adoptions have been thin on the ground.

Nev has made it out into Room 1.  Here he is looking a little more relaxed.  

Ginger and white cat in a basket
The gorgeous Nev
I couldn't leave today without my cuddle and just as I came out of the room there was a phone call from a potential adopter wanting to come and see him.  I really hope they fall in love with him, its not hard to do :) He is such a sweetheart, a little shy and nervous, but nothing a bit of TLC can't take care of.

I'm going to show you a room a week and today is the turn of the cats in Room 2.

White board with cat details
Details of the occupants
So first up here's Bella :)  Very affectionate and playful.

tabby and white cat
The beautiful and very loving Bella

Monty and Nelly have come into the Shelter together so it's important they go out as a pair. Lovely friendly cats who would make great pets for someone.

Sleeping gray and white cat
Monty having a snooze
black cat
Nelly liking her lips!
Mitsy and Tilly are Mother and Daughter and are looking for a home together.


Next we have Kit.  I first met her in Maternity back in March.  Her kittens are long gone and this beautiful and very friendly little girl is still looking for her forever home.  I'm really surprised she's still here.

tabby cat
 And finally we have Julie as you can see, she likes to move....

Julie, well some of her
Thank goodness the Shelter are better at taking photos!  Here's a really nice one they got of her

black and white cat
Julie striking a pose
I made a 6 second Vine video of these guys too :)

And finally I made a little video in the garden with Crystal.

Kim (Cat Care Manager) and Emma (Deputy Cat Care Manager) popped into the shelter this morning before setting off to visit another rescue centre. Yorkshire Cat Rescue, originally Haworth Animal Welfare was founded in 1992 and is situated between Keighly and Haworth. Their facilities and set up in general is very different to the Sheffield Cats Shelter.

So how did they find their visit?  Emma explained, "Our visit to the Yorkshire Cat Rescue was very interesting. It is always eye opening to see how a different rescue does things in comparison to the shelter. Our visit has been very insightful and we have learned a great deal. We hope to act on what we have gained from the experience and hope to use the knowledge to enhance the work that we do at the shelter"

She added "A big thank you to Yorkshire Cat Rescue for letting us come and visit!"

So if you're looking for a cat or you know someone who is, please share the shelters facebook page so we can try and get these beautiful cats into a home they deserve :)


  1. Love the picture of Nelly with her tongue out! It's lovely that your shelter tries to keep bonded pairs together when rehoming. This heat must be making more work for the shelter staff and volunteers.

    Cooler weather is on the way I heard!

    1. I love the photo of Nelly too. An action shot! The Shelter are really good at keeping pairs together. I always think two are easier to settle than one.

  2. Hi, we just discovered your blog on the Blog Paws WW blog hop. This is going to seem strange. We just gave out an award for Multi-Cat blogs on Sunday, which was our 1st blogoversary. Even though we are just meeting for the first time, you are welcome to stop by and pick one up. It's for blogs with five or more resident kitties. You can find the award at http://www.thecatonmyhead.com/our-first-blogoversary/. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Thank you very much, I'll call over now :)