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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday at the shelter 28-07-13

If you read the blog last week you might remember I was hopeful that Nev might find his new home at the beginning of the week.

ginger cat in a basket
Sweet natured Nev

I'm pleased to tell you that he did.  He will be a lovely addition to his new family and I'll really miss my cuddles!

The good news doesn't stop there, it's been a busy weekend at the Shelter.  The main reason being an article published in one of our local newspapers 'The Star' entitled,  ‘At crisis point as cats are abandoned'. The piece echo's many of the points raised in my Shelter post from 2 weeks ago.  Whilst the article also quotes 400 on the waiting list, it is now estimated that this figure is likely to be nearer to 1000 cats and kittens.  The paper also has a lovely picture of  Cat Care Manager Kim with some of the kittens.

In total 5 adult cats including Tootsie, Ellie and Missy went to new homes yesterday.  Bella was also collected this morning after being pre-adopted on Friday.  In addition there were also 3 pre-adoptions yesterday too. Pre-adoptions are available when a cat or kitten is not yet available to go straight to a new home.  It's usually when they are waiting for their second vaccination or for some treatment to be completed.  Cats who are available can not be reserved or pre-adopted, so if you want a cat, you need to be prepared to take him or her home on the day (subject to adopters fulfilling the shelter's adoption criteria)

So what did I get up to today?  I was in Infirmary where I met some new and some old faces.

First there was Bella, who was waiting for her new family to collect her.

tabby and white cat
Bella in Room 2 last week
She didn't have to wait long and it was nice that I got to say goodbye to her.

Next we have Eddie. He's a lovely sweet nature but is showing signs of not being very happy, including not eating very well.  The Shelter staff are keeping an eye on his progress.  I stood with him for a while to try and encourage him to eat and he managed a little bit of the white fish he'd been given.

black and white cat
Eddie and his fish

His fur is in need of some TLC so I had a bit of time brushing him.  He sat for a while before he wandered off.  He'll get more from the Shelter staff later today.

black and white cat

Next we have Andy.  He had a trip to the Vets with Kim while I was cleaning.  There is an abscess under his chin and the Vet lanced it for him.

Black and white cat with a wound
Andy with his poorly!

As you can see the aftermath is not a pretty sight but it should make him more comfortable and he didn't seem to be in any discomfort.

We've met Millie before in holding.  Such a big fur ball!!  She came out for a fuss and I attempted to give her a little brush too.  She tolerated me for a few moments and then told me off!! Here's the result of her photo shoot at the Shelter (much better than my efforts!!)

Tabby and Tortie cat
Millie (photo by Sheffield Cats Shelter)

Finally to Charleston a very striking white cat with odd coloured eyes.  One blue one green/yellow.  Unfortunately, he was being camera shy!  A very sleek pure white cat, beautiful.

My featured room this week is number 5 and you might recognise the names on the board?

White board with cat details on
Room 5 occupants

It's been a few weeks since I've see these two and it was lovely to see how they have come on.  I first met them on the 7th July

Salam is looking much healthier, his coat is starting to thicken up and the colours are so beautiful.  Although still quiet, he has lost the nervousness.

Salam looks much more confident
The biggest change was in Freddie.  Last time I saw him he looked really unhappy and I couldn't even managed to clean his cage.  He lashed out at the dustpan and brush!

Tabby cat playing
Freddie playing
But look at him now! Playful, glad for company and wanting a fuss :)  It just shows you how a cat can completely change given TLC and time.  Well done to Shelter staff and the volunteers who've spent time with him too.  Here he is playing with my shoes.

Those ears are in a much better position now.

Hot off the press:- 3 kittens were adopted today :) Here's hoping that the rest of the week sees more of these lovely cats going to new homes.

If you want to support the invaluable work of the Shelter, check out the Donate & Support page to see all the different ways you can.


  1. Hurray for adoptions!

    Salem is looking very handsome now and much more relaxed, his fur is beautiful. Our Gerry has that sun burnished thing going on, he's almost blonde around his shoulders now.

    Freddie is a wonderful turnaround. Testament to the love and care these cats get.

    1. Salam is looking so much better isn't he? They were desperate for adoptions so I'm pleased things picked up a bit. I was so pleased to see the change in Freddie, it gives him a real chance of getting a new home :)

  2. how awesome for all those kitties going home!! yay!!

    and Millie is quite beautiful!

    1. I love it when they find homes :)
      Thank you I adore her (and all the others lol)