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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday at Shelter 1-12-13

There are a number of kittens in desperate need of homes at the moment.

In Room 4 we have Alfie and Archie who need to go to a new home together.  They are 3-4 months old.


Last time I met them it was when they had a mini break while their foster parents had a weekend away :) Here they are with their Mum Fluff when they visited us.

Fluff and her kittens

Fluff was originally left on a doorstep when she was heavily pregnant.  Thankfully the Shelter had room for her as the kittens were born the very next day. 

Dora and Daloris are around four months old and were born outside.   They are very close as you can see.

Dora & Daloris

Their Mum, Doris, has now been adopted.  You might remember she was the one who had a horrible collar injury.

Mum Doris

Next we have Badger, Panda and Squirrel. Their siblings Bear and Rabbit have already been adopted. These little cuties were born outside to a Mum who was a stray.  They are also around 4-5 months old.

Panda (photo Courtesy of the Shelter)

Badger  (photo Courtesy of the Shelter)

The next 'batch' of kittens were in Room 3.  I met these little ones when they originally arrived at the Shelter in September.  They were suffering terribly with flu and had the dirtiest ears I've ever seen!!  They were all named after American States and Cities.

Here they are on that first day.


Poorly eyes

Now they are all grown up and ready to find their forever homes.

Sadly Michigan's eyes were damaged by the Flu and will always look sore, even though they aren't.  He seems to be able to see without any problems, but it's likely he could suffer from more eye infections than a 'normal' cat.

Marmaduke has been pre-adopted and is just waiting for some dental treatment before he goes to his new home.  


But the BIG story this week has to be Crystal.  At the Shelter for 8 long months, prospective adopters have come and gone, but sadly Crystal remained.  


Until this week!  It seems Crystal bestowed her approval on a lovely couple and they felt she was the one for them too.  The staff will really miss Crystal as she'd become such a familiar sight 'holding court' in the yard,  waiting to share everyone's lunch.  Now in her new home, updates on Facebook seem to confirm this was a perfect match, and you can't get better than that :)

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