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Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday at the Shelter 16-12-13

Wow, what a weekend. 14 adoptions, yes 14!!  Followed by 2 more today and four pre-adoptions about to be completed too.

That brings the adoption year to an end and what a year its been, a record breaking one in fact.  When the final four planned pre-adoptions go through, that will bring the total this year to 464.

Last year the total was 408 and previously the highest adoption figure was 442 back in 2008.

These numbers would not have been possible without the sheer hard work and determination of the Shelter team.  Manager Shirley, Cat Care Managers Kim and Emma, Judith, Leanne, Hollie, Vicky, Ray and Katy.

Then there is a whole team of volunteers and foster carers, the Shelter could not manage without the time and dedication of these people.  I'll be telling you more about them over the next couple of blog posts.

Lets not forget Highfield Vets who rush cats and kittens into their surgery at a moments notice and consistently offer invaluable, trusted advice and support.

Finally you will find the Committee and Trustees working hard behind the scenes (and often on the front line too!)

All these people come together to make one fantastic team and I'm very proud to be part of it.

Here's a selection of some of the cats and kittens who are going to be spending a happy Christmas in their new homes.





The Shelter is now closed for further adoptions until the New Year.  But that certainly doesn't mean the work ends.  With the exception of adoption viewings, its business as usual for the Staff and volunteers.

There will also be time to do additional work like painting, repairs and maintenance.  As there have been such a lot of adoptions it will free up rooms for full deep cleaning.

Rooms won't stay empty for long though.  In addition to the waiting list, there are urgent cases, such as 3 expectant mums out living on the streets.  They will be brought into the Shelter as soon as possible to have their babies in safety.

My final note this week has to be a thank you, a thank you to everyone who has donated to the shelter, to everyone who has taken a cat or kitten into their home, because without you the Shelter could never have reached this fantastic adoption figure.

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  1. You've been gone a long time and we're wondering if you are ok and still doing such great work at the shelter?

    Hope all is well