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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday at the Shelter 17-11-2013

Those eagle eyed readers amongst you might have noticed that there was no blog last Sunday.  I must apologise, there was so much going on I didn't get a spare moment to even begin writing.  I shall, however,  make up for it this week with a bumper edition (I hope).

Firstly, what kept me so busy last weekend??  In case you missed it, the Shelter opened its very own Charity Shop on Ecclesall Road on Saturday the 9th November.  I, along with others, increased my volunteering to help out.

The run up to the shop being opened was verging on miraculous.  The Shelter Staff and volunteers had such a small window in which to install and paint shop fittings, sort donations, produce a window display and get items on the rails and shelves.

This first photo shows the shop completely empty on Saturday the 2nd November, that's just one week before the grand opening!

A group of people in an empty shop
2nd November - a blank canvas!!

By the 5th there have been loads of 'behind the scenes' work completed, but the shop fittings are not yet complete.

Shop front
5th November - just 3 days left before opening day!

Friday the 8th, there are hanging rails and the sales counter gets some final touch ups.

Shop starting to be prepared for opening
Shelter staff working hard 

Shelving is in and painted, now to start getting them filled!

Discussions on the best use of space
The hard work of everyone can been clearly seen as they prepare to go home after a long day.

And finally, what a fantastic shop window!

Opening day arrived and so did Actress Susan Cookson who kindly cut the ribbon. Here she is receiving flowers as a thank you.

Actress Susan Cookson

Some volunteers spent most of the day outside talking to customers and passers by.  It's hard to ignore a giant cat!

Shelter Manager Shirley checks on the welfare of the fund raising cat!
It was a fantastic first day, with lots of visitors and plenty of positive comments about the shop and the stock.
It would certainly not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Staff, volunteers and Trustees.

When you've been so busy, sometimes you need a reality check.  A little reminder what all this is for.  I got mine when I popped back to the Shelter after the shop closed.  3 kittens had just been brought in by their owner.  Her cat had had kittens and she was unable to keep them.

I picked up a little tabby kitten and had a cuddle, yeah, this is what it's all about.  "Little sausage" I said as I enjoyed my cuddle.  So when you learn the kittens are now named Sausage, Bacon and Eggs, you know who to blame :)

three kittens in a basket
Sausage, Bacon & Eggs

At 7-8 weeks old, they are a little underweight, but hopefully that should be rectified in no time.  Here's a recent photo of Sausage, who's happily settling into his foster home.

Tabby kitten
A 4-5 month old little white and black kitten, named Prince, has just found his way to the Shelter.  He was found as a stray and was limping, unable to bear weight on one of his front paws.

Examinations concluded that he has two broken bones in his front leg.  Despite this he is such a happy little boy.  He will be having an operation tomorrow to repair the leg.  Recovery time will depend on whether the leg can be reset and plastered or if he needs pins inserting.  As ever, the cost of the operation, which will likely be in the hundreds, will be paid by the Shelter regardless.

Finally to Libby.  Her story has been featured a number of times in the blog.  She's certainly had her ups and downs having to be trapped not once, but twice by the fantastic Maggie.


Libby is very fearful of people and has been unhappy at the Shelter as she doesn't like being confined indoors. Not every cat will thrive in a home environment and the Shelter do all they can to consider alternatives.  A farm home has been found for Libby.  She will receive food, shelter and care but with less human interaction.

I'm always amazed the lengths the Shelter go to, to find homes for all the cats and kittens in their care, however 'alternative' that might need to be.

I will be sorry to see Libby leave the Shelter, but I'm pleased to know she'd finally be able to get the type of life she she needs to be happy.


  1. we hope the resale shop has lots of business. love the tabby kittens, purrs to Prince - and we are glad everyone went above and beyond to help Libby find the RIGHT home

  2. Went in on Sat. it was like a Yard Sale without the yummy cakes & refreshments. I think it could be a lot better. I hope all comments will be taken on board & improvements made cos it'll need to be better than that to bring in enough money to pay for itself.