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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday at the Shelter 03-11-2013

November!! Oh my this year is going fast.

This weekend I met three young kittens, Jasmine, Jeeves and Jessie, who had just returned from their foster home.

Jasmine, Jeeves and Jessie

They were in room 5 with black kittens Dora, Daloris and Alfie.

Kim explained that she needed to do some routine checks on the new arrivals.  Each one is weighed as sometimes kittens might not eat very well when they are first returned to the Shelter.  Having a baseline weight enables the Shelter staff to monitor any problems.

What a sweetie :)

If they are due for flea or worming treatment, this will be administered now too.

The kittens have all had microchips implanted whilst in foster care so Kim also checks that these can be picked up by the hand held scanner and that the number corresponds to the details given by the Vets.

In addition, Jasmine has her spay scar inspected.  Kim is looking for any sign of infection, such as scabs, swelling, or discharge.  Thankfully the scar is nice, neat, flat and healing well.

All of this is recorded on each kittens information sheet.

Foster carers give the staff information on the temperament of each kitten, how they interact with each other and any other animals in the house.   Sometimes kittens are so close that it's decided they would be better to be re-homed as a pair. (As is the case with Dora and Daloris) Once all this information is collected, the final task is to update the room board with the names and details of the new occupants.

Board ready to be updated!

In Maternity, Mum Chestnut was with her kittens Brazil and Hazel.  Mum was a stray and the kittens were born outside.  Aren't they stunning?

Chestnut with Hazel and Brazil

This little chap was also found living outside with his Mum.  At around 10 weeks old, Heisenberg (don't ask!)  is very frightened and has therefore gone into a foster home.  Hopefully it won't be long before he's feeling much happier and more relaxed.


Great news to finish the weekend.  You may remember Tia, 17, who had her thyroid removed? 

black cat

Well today she was adopted!  What fantastic news.  She is such a lovely cat, perfectly happy curled up on someone's knee.  To think she could have been put to sleep if it hadn't been for the Shelter.

I love a happy ending :)


  1. I love your blog, thank you xxx

  2. Look forward to your weekly update on the shelter, lovely to read, thank you x

  3. Look forward to your weekly update on the shelter, lovely to read, thank you x

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