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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday 'sort of' at the Shelter 06-10-13

Today was a little different. I did go and volunteer, and I did go to the Shelter. However, my initial Shelter visit was a brief pit stop, just long enough to collect a table, cage, collection tin and some literature.

From there my Daughter, Libby and our latest 'Tribe' recruits, Millie and Willow, headed for Pets at Home, Kilner Way Retail Park at Wadsley Bridge. We went to help sell raffle tickets for Support Adoption For Pets. The Pets at Home branch support two local animal charities, Labrador Welfare and just recently The Sheffield Cats Shelter :)

During the month of October both charities are being offered the opportunity to come into the store and help sell raffle tickets, whilst raising awareness of the Charities at the same time. Funds raised this month will be shared between these two amazing Charities. What a fantastic gesture!

Labrador Welfare were the main attraction today, with a selection of lovely dogs, who were so well behaved.  They had an information point at the main entrance to help sell the tickets. No one can resist meeting and greeting these two :)

2 golden labradors
Beautiful Golden Labs

This lovely black lab really enjoyed a fuss too :) 

Black Labrador

It made sense for us to keep the kittens a little away from the dogs so we set up in the cat section.

Cage for kittens and table of information
Set up ready to chat :)

We were unsure how much room we would have so took a small cage for the girls.  I decided to take them with me as they are a Shelter success story really.  To think they were born outside to a Mum who had no home, had it not been for the Shelter where would they be now?

We also took harnesses and leads for the girls.  Unsure how they would react to being out of the home environment we monitored them carefully.  They were a little hesitant to start, so we had one each on the lead in our arms and they soon settled into it.  

Millie stayed happily in my arms for quite some time.  I began to feel like a Bond villian, stood there, stroking my kitten. 

Person holding Tortie kitten
So Mr Bond, I've been expecting you....

Willow found her investigative feet.  She was very interested in the rows of cat food and biscuits, but her attention was soon turned to a meaty fly in the store.  Here she is having a rest.

We had a lovely time chatting to people and selling tickets, but we could not compete with yesterdays attempt by Emma and volunteers Amanda and June. But then they did have a secret weapon.......

Cute as my little girls are, there really is no way we can compete with Ernest in his jumper! As he struggles to retain his body heat, a volunteer knitted him this lovely little top. He can be seen above with his Foster Dad, Matt, whom I'm told he loves very much. I think the feeling is mutual :)

Today Ernest has been having a well earned rest.

As we called back in at the Shelter on the way home we got up to date on the day's news. Tilly, Cuebee and Lego have all been pre-adopted today!

We took a few moments to snap some new pictures of the residents in room 1.

White and black cat

Tinkerbell is beautiful and very affectionate, she was very interested in getting some attention from us. It's hard to believe she was a stray.

Next up is Tilly, who was pre-adopted today.  Very unusual colour as you can see, but again very friendly and keen for a fuss.
Brown cat

As soon as she's had all her vaccinations and checks she'll be off to her new home.

Another one wanting a fuss was this little lady.


There are so many lovely cats in this room and these are just a few.  Hopefully, the right person will come along for them very soon.

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