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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday at the Shelter 20-10-13

Today there were only a few residents in holding.  Lovely Tia is still in here recovering from her thyroid operation. Her wound seems to have healed really well.  I also noticed that her coat is starting to look much more healthy, which is great to see. She was happy for a bit of a fuss :)

black cat

Crystal was, as usual, enjoying her fresh air in the yard.  It's such a shame that no one has fallen for her yet, unless of course, you count the staff!

Black cat

Leanne took a lovely little video of her chasing her tail recently! Find it on Facebook!!

Also in holding was Skippy.  He's a un-neutered tom, who has been living outside for some time.  It's likely he's been abandoned by his owner.

Tabby cat in a bed

The final occupant was Harriet and she was the noisiest!!  

Tabby cat

She was trapped by Maggie with her three kittens, Henry, Hetty and Howard.  They were living outside after being born in a lady's garden.  Harriet has grown weary of her 4-5month old kittens and it was decided that now was the time to move her into holding. She is really friendly and loved some attention.

Meanwhile the kittens have stayed in maternity. 

tabby kitten
One of Harriet's kittens

tabby kitten
Another of Harriet's kittens

They have such beautiful markings and are in a very good condition considering their rough start in life.  Sadly they are also very timid and frightened.  This is something the Shelter overcomes time and time again and I've no doubt these little ones will be no exception.
Zena is another recent admit who is currently in maternity.  Yet another poor soul who has been out living on the streets.  Not only is she frightened but she also appears to have a possible infected womb.  She is being given medication at the moment and will be back at the vets for further treatment on Monday.

ginger cat

Texas and her kittens are still in maternity and they are so photogenic!!!
kittens snuggled together
Ohio & Vegas

ginger and white kitten

The other news this week is that the Shelter have signed the lease on their very own Charity Shop.  

Applications from volunteers have been coming in and I was lucky enough to meet one lady today who was visiting the shelter and is eager to get involved with the Shop.

If you'd like to volunteer to help the Shelter there are now even more ways to get involved than ever before!  Cleaning in the cat rooms, helping to fund raise and now roles in the new shop.  To volunteer at the Shelter either call in or telephone between 1pm and 4pm.  If you're interested in the shop, pop over to the Charity Shop page and download the application form.

It doesn't stop there either, just donating a few unwanted items to be sold through the shop and yard sales, can make all the difference and help the Shelter to keep doing what they do best.


  1. I haven't been by for a while, but just had a good old catch up on all your hard work at the shelter. There is just no end to the stream, nay river of cats in need is there?

    Have you found out what is troubling little Ernest yet? He really is a little mystery, but very sweet.

    Tia looks much better after the thryroid op, at 17 it can be so hard for them to turn around, but when they do it's amazing.

    The shop will really help with funds, so well done to all who organised that and as usual, props to all of you who work so tirelessly to help these poor cats in need


  2. I don't know if you know of the Catwork Sanctuary for FIV+ and FeLv cats? Run by two marvellous people who have an excellent set up for both types of cats. They are a mine of information on cats with these two conditions and have turned around so many, who others would just give up on. They are always willing to share their knowledge and experience, and also excellent advocates for cats with FIV & FeLv.