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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday at the Shelter 11-08-2013

It was lovely to have Libby with me again.  She's not been able to volunteer for some time due to illness, but hopefully she will be back to her regular Sunday slot from now on.

Thanks to the recent request for volunteers the Shelter was full of helpers today :)  Libby and I dried and filled litter trays while we waited for rooms to be allocated.

Holding was oddly a 'girl only' zone this week!  Lots of new faces to introduce you to, although I apologise in advance for my photography!!

First out was Ruby (black) and Pearl (tabby and white) they were abandoned in a carrier along with a third cat, Sapphire.  Pearl is confident and happy to have a fuss.  Ruby was slightly more apprehensive, but still happy to have some attention.  Both are beautiful girls.

black cat

Tabby and white cat
Tabby and white cat
Pearl having a look out of the window

Pixie is a little nervous and isn't keen on being handled at the moment.  We coaxed her back into her house with some treats.

black cat

Wednesday is a gorgeous long haired black cat, she was playful but a little cautious around us.  Unfortunately, she was easily startled by some loud noises outside the shelter.

Teenage girl holding a black cat
Libby with Wednesday
Sapphire is a tiny little girl who was happy to have some attention.  While we were in there a wasp wandered in through the open window and she was fascinated.  Watch the video to see :)

Crystal was in the yard as normal, waiting to see what everyone was having for lunch....

You may remember Libby (the cat) who was missing.  Thankfully, due to the shear determination of one lady called Maggie, who waited patiently to trap her, she's now in infirmary.  Thank you to everyone who helped. Her ordeal has unfortunately led to her being even more frightened and timid than before.  I managed a little photo of her, it's not great as I didn't want to disturb her with flash.  At least she is safe again and will be well looked after and fed.

black and white cat
Libby safe back at the Shelter

We were about to head for home, when the day took a little twist.  An un-neutered male, Marvin and a pregnant young female, Mika were brought into the shelter on Friday.  It was thought that the 5-6 month old female was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Emma introduced us to the pair and it was during this time that she noticed some changes in Mika.  These  led her to suspect that the little girl may actually be further into her pregnancy than first thought.  It seems that Mika is starting to produce milk. Mums 'to be' generally start to produce 24 to 48 hours before the onset of labour. This means that there is a possibility that Mika could deliver at any time. 

Rather than risk her going into labour overnight at the Shelter,  I offered to bring her home with me, where she could be monitored.  The risks to her are increased because she is young and very small.

This prompted a crash course in hand feeding and toileting kittens 'just in case'.  Emma talked me through the signs of each stage of labour and the actions I should take in certain situations.  I have the back up the emergency vet number, should I need it.

Here are my practice kittens :)

two small white kittens
Ernest and Egbert
There are many Mums and kittens out on the streets at the moment, as there is simply not enough room at the Shelter. 

Experienced cat owners (or previous cat owners) are desperately needed for short term fostering.   Kittens are fostered until they are ready to go back to the Shelter for re-homing.  All you need is a bit of time, a spare room and transport to get to Vet appointments. Food, Vet bills, cat litter etc are all provided by the Shelter.

If you think you can help, contact the Shelter, they will be happy to answer your questions.

Oh by the way did you know the Shelter are now on Twitter??  Why not follow them via @CatsShelter

So far Mika seems settled, so hopefully we will have a uneventful night, but if that changes, I'll let you know!!

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  1. Delighted that Libby has been caught and is now safe, poor girl must be so traumatised after her ordeal.

    I would like to put people who dump cats in carriers themselves, then dump them! Grrr.

    Best of luck with the young Mummy cat, hope the birth went well and you are coping well on 2hrs sleep at a time lol!

    I love the video of Sapphire chattering with frustration at the wasp. Brilliant!