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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday at the Shelter 16-06-13

Two weeks of news to catch up on today!

Last week I worked on my own in holding where I met Edward.  He's a beautiful white cat with one blue eye and one browny yellow.  Such a sweetie and straight on my knee for a cuddle.  It was no surprise to later hear he'd been quickly adopted.


It did get me thinking though, about how many odd eye'd cats I'd seen at the shelter recently. A bit of online research told me that its most likely to occur in white cats.  All kittens are born with blue eyes which change colour at around 8 weeks.  In the case of Edward his genes have only allowed one eye to change colour and the other stayed blue. Interesting stuff.

I went on to have an 'unfortunate' incident a little later.  One resident was upset by two of the other cats. Thanks to the bars seperating them they couldn't get to each other, but that didn't stop a lot of noise and upset.  In my rush to calm the situation and get the original cat safely away, I got a little damaged.  Still, I had been warned so it was definately not the fault of the cat, she just got spooked.  Lesson learned!!

War wounds!

Meet Libby who was named after my daughter!  She (my daughter) didn't believe me when I told her.  Libby (the cat) is around a year old and very nervous at the moment.  She looks a pretty little thing :) Here she is hiding in a carrier in one of the rooms.


Thanks to the power of Facebook little William was adopted.  He struggled to get on with the other cats and kittens and has thankfully found a home where he will be an only one.  His new family have called him Ozzy and, after just a week, say they can't imagine not having him in their home.  I'm so pleased that all my fosters have had a happy ending :)

This week Libby (not the cat) and I were in holding again.  In there was one of Emma's most recent hand rears.  Hope and her siblings have just returned to the shelter after being vacinnated and neutered.  Her siblings have been pre-adopted, but sadly this is unlikely to happen for Hope.  When the Vets spayed her they found a lot of fluid in her abdomen area and what looks like serious kidney problems.  Emma is waiting for results of tests, but the outlook is not good. It's such a shame for this sweet little kitten.

Hope enjoys a cuddle with Libby
I also met Bella for the first time, she was looking for plenty of tummy rubs.  Sweet natured and beautiful, I sure she won't be at the shelter long.

Bella has a tummy rub :)
Finally here was a goodbye for the shelter today.  One of the long term volunteers, Alex, spent his last day with us.  He baked a cake to commemorate the occasion!

Alex is going to be sadly missed.  He's a lovely young man who gets stuck in and works hard.  I'm sure everyone at the Shelter will wish him the very best.  In September he starts 5 years of study in Liverpool which will lead him to be a qualified Vet.  I'm sure he has a bright future ahead of him.

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