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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday at the Shelter - 24-02-13

We started with litter tray cleaning again this week.  I'd love a room like this at home.  Huge sinks for doing messy jobs!

Emma had the kittens with her again. Some sad news though, the smallest one developed flu like symptoms during the week and sadly didn't recover. Thankfully the others are doing well and are now 12 days old.

Feeding time!

They are now being fed every three hours instead of two and their eyes are open.  Emma still needs to help them wee and poo and will keep doing this until they are around 4 weeks old.  After this they will start to learn to use a litter tray and Emma will have to scratch around to show them how its done!

But for now all they want to do is eat, sleep and have a cuddle.

Our next job was cleaning in the Infirmary.  There are only 3 residents at the moment.  Frosty, Deedee and Smudge. They were all very vocal!

Deedee with Libby
Libby helped me make a start and then went to clean room 3 on her own. Room 3 also happens to have this weeks "Star for 7 days"  This is where one of the cats gets promoted as much as possible for a week.

Beautiful Cleo - photo by The Sheffield Cats Shelter

Cleo has been at the shelter since November.  When you walk into the cat rooms some will run up to you wanting a fuss straight away, others, like Cleo, often stay curled up in a basket. If you take the time to sit with Cleo, you'll find out she has a very loud purr and loves being fussed.  I really hope someone adopts her soon, or I might not be able to resist....(Don't tell my husband I said that)

After our duties were over I did my usual 'rounds'.  I can never resist a basketful of fur-babies :)

Last week I mentioned ways you can donate money to the Shelter.  Unfortunately, a lot of us are watching our pennies at the moment so can't always help.  So here's an alternative, why not drop by with your unwanted items?  I've been having a good clear out at home and took two bags of things today.  Games, toys, clothing, bedding, gifts, household items etc can all be taken.  The only things which can't be accepted are electrical items, pillows and duvets.  It feels great having a clear out, and even better to think I'm helping the Shelter at the same time. Some of the items are put aside to be sold at one of the yard sales held during the year.

Before we left today Libby had a little cuddle with one of the kittens.

How big will they be next week and will Emma have decided on any names???

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